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Create your own templates: Custom Notifications

Please note that settings described below are available with Bookly Pro installed and activated. The free version of Bookly has limited functionality.

Create your own templates for emails and text messages right from the Bookly menu.

Custom notifications may include all booking information, appointment status changes, reminders, agenda, etc., and can be configured to be sent to customers, staff, or administrators.

How to create and configure custom notifications

1. Go to Bookly menu > Email Notifications/SMS notifications.

2. Click on + New Notification at the bottom of the page. Select the notification type from the drop-down menu and configure the logic for sending emails/text messages.

3. Select specific service you'd like this notification to send for.

4. Tick the box to define recipients: client, staff, administrators.

5. In the edit window, enter the message using the list of provided shortcodes.





Notifications Overview – see how you can schedule emails and what you can set as triggers for automated and personalized emails.


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  • Avatar
    Ilya Krylov

    Hi, could You please explain the difference between "Appointment date and time" and "Last client appointment" types? Thanks in advance!

  • Avatar
    Ilya Krylov

    And one more option to choose a service would significantly improve custom notifications, it would be possible to create custom notifications for different services with custom instructions etc.

  • Avatar
    Product Team

    Hi Ilya, thanks for the feedback. The notification "Appointment date and time" is similar to current reminder notifications, but with more flexibility the time and date when they should be sent. The notification "Last client appointment" can be used for a scenario when you want to "remind" your old customers about your services, for example to send a notification for customers that booked their last appointment 30 days ago.

  • Avatar
    Ilya Krylov

    Hi Alex,
    tanks for Your quick reply! Now I understand the difference for past, but what would be if I choose 1 day BEFORE last client appointment?

  • Avatar
    Product Team

    Hi Ilya,

    You could use this setup for appointments are that booked for a long period from the current time. For example you have customers that booked appointments for next month.

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