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Create coupons for your promos right in the booking form.

The customer will be asked to enter their coupon at the payment stage of the booking form.

1. Make sure that coupons are enabled in Settings > Payments

2. Create coupons in their dedicated dashboard tab:
code = a sequence of symbols that customers will have to paste into the coupon field while booking
discount (in % of full amount) and deduction (in hard currency) can be used separately or together in one coupon. When they’re used together, the final amount will be calculated with this formula
Service Price - Discount (%) - Deduction
usage limit = max number of times the coupon can be used by all customers in total.

Keep track of your promos in Coupons and in Payments


Watch this video to discover the main Bookly settings and features.



Appointments and Payments Lists - keep track of all your online transactions.



Deposit Payments Add-on - another way to make purchases easier on the clients' budget by dividing payment into two instalments.

Special Hours Add-on - ahead of the promo-filled holiday season, have longer days or just unusual hours booked with this add-on that tweaks staff's working hours on non-recurring days.

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