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Can clients book appointments for more than one person at a time?

Yes. You can accept group bookings with the Group Booking Add-on.

The "Number of Persons" field can be used when a customer wants to book an appointment for several people. This is only possible if you have set the capacity for the service to allow for more than one person to receive the service at the same time (See Bookly > Services).

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    T Horejsi

    Hi.. I need some service set e.g. with 2 staff and 2 clients. This is for massage salon when people want to book massage in same time. Couples likes attanding massage in one time. Sometimes whole families what to book the massage more easy.

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    Support Team

    Hi Horejsi, currently, there's no option to create this type of service.

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    We have updated Bookly with latest version 4.9 and after updating the plugin old features are gone. Bookly Service Capacity and Custom fields are no longer exists. Why?

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    Hi, I bought the Bookly add-on, but "capacity" option is missing.

    Could you please help me to identify where I can find this option?

    Thank you!

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    Support Team

    Hi, 1) Please send us an email to with this inquiry and your purchase code.

    2) This functionality is no longer in the main plugin, but you can get it by purchasing the group booking add-on.

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    Massagepraktijk Ontspanning


    i have a massagesalon and i want people to book:

    - muliple massages in one appointment. the massages will be done after eachother.
    - each person must be able to book a different massage and also with differtend extra- add ons.


    person 1: 45 minute massage
    person 2: 60 minute massage + reiki treatment

    the massages are normaly with 15 minute buffer before and after. total 30 minutes.
    this buffer has to be at one appointment, and not at one bookking.
    i.e. 2 persons booked 45 + 60 minutes in 1 appointment.
    normaly it is 15+45+15 + 15+60+15 = 165 minutes
    in one combination appointment of 2 massages is has to be: 15+45+60+15 = 135 minuten. so its 30 minutes less

    How kan ik make this possible?


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    Support Team


    According to your description, the add-on Cart ( would fit your requirements. Also, you will have to set the Padding Time to have the 15 minutes buffer you need before and after every booking.
    For some extra services, you should use Service Extras add-on (

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