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Migration from old Bookly to new Bookly Pro

The migration process is automated, easy, and won’t take you more than a minute. To perform a successful migration from Bookly to the new Bookly with the Pro add-on, we strongly recommend using the built-in Migrator.

We suggest to backup Bookly and add-ons (if any) to help restore your data if something goes wrong. To back up your database, use this instruction or any convenient method.

Do the following:

  1. In the Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel, download the latest update for Bookly.
  2. Once you update, find the Migrator page in Bookly menu.
  3. On the Migrator page follow the provided steps to complete the migration.

If for some reasons you’re updating to the latest version using FTP, read carefully and follow instructions in this guide to prevent data loss and corruption.

After migration, you’ll have two plugins installed – Bookly (required free basic version) and Bookly Pro (add-on with advanced features). All your settings and appointments will be stored and can be used as before. 

In case you face any errors, experience difficulties or have any questions, feel free to contact our support via

Important: Even though we test our code thoroughly (automatically and manually) before any update, we cannot guarantee that there won’t occur any issues in your installation due to the work of other plugins. According to the rules of Envato marketplace, you need to have a valid support pack to receive an item support. If you haven’t updated Bookly for a long time, before downloading the latest version, we recommend checking your support period for Bookly Pro and extending it if necessary. This will help us to deliver a prompt support for you and a quick fix as soon as possible.


Troubleshooting the most common issues

Migration process freezes on 3 or 4 step. The website is giving HTTP Error 500.

Bookly add-ons don't work after update. What can I do?

Why email notifications are not populated with the booking information?

I am unable to edit my Appearance section, it is greyed out. How can I fix it?


For more info, see our FAQ section.


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  • Avatar

    hey just migrated to the new Bookly.
    Some features has changed.
    For instance, when trying add new staff it don't let me because now shows WP users only and Admin not appear which is preventing me from tailoring my members schedules and services.
    Could you please help me to fix that?

  • Avatar

    I just did this upgrade and boy were there lots of problems! Many upcoming scheduled appointments have completely disappeared; the Google Calendar plugin has duplicated many events, some as many as four duplicates; I had to re-write all the email notifications, as all formatting was lost and the variable tags have changed so none of the old ones work any more. I'm already using the pro version with multiple paid plugins and this "upgrade" provided no benefit for me, it only caused me hours of extra work and I've lost already scheduled appointments.

  • Avatar

    Hey Jim, can you tell me how did you fixed? I have 3 days trying to set my store with the Pro version, since I lost ALL my data... I lost all my structure, schedules, staff members... So frustrated.

    Before emigrate to the new Bookly Pro, my services and staff members worked. Once emigrated, those functionalities are lost. Also, you guys don't allow us to use add-ons with the old one. Bottom line, I'm not able to use the plugging after test your free version, settle up my store, buying your plugging and the Stripe add-on (which was free in the test version).
    When I tested the plugging I thought it was all what I needed to sell my services. I still believe you can provide so much solutions to service providers. I spent time, money and so much energy waiting on you...
    I just remind that you belong to a very competitive market and you must take care you deliver what you offer.


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    Rex Wickham

    Not only was the square bracket change to curly brackets on the notification shortcodes, the text was changed from upper to lower case. No doubt someone with top Regex skills could do this in a single line, but I used WP CLI and used these commands.

    wp search-replace --all-tables [[CLIENT_NAME]] {client_name}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[APPOINTMENT_TIME]] {appointment_time}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[APPOINTMENT_DATE]] {appointment_date}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[SERVICE_NAME]] {service_name} --all-tables
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[CLIENT_PHONE]] {client_phone}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[CLIENT_EMAIL]] {client_email}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[COMPANY_ADDRESS]] {company_address}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[COMPANY_NAME]] {company_name}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[COMPANY_LOGO]] {company_logo}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[COMPANY_PHONE]] {company_phone}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[COMPANY_WEBSITE]] {company_website}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[CANCEL_APPOINTMENT]] {cancel_appointment}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[SITE_ADDRESS]] {site_address}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[NEW_USERNAME]] {new_username}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[NEW_PASSWORD]] {new_password}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[STAFF_NAME]] {staff_name}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[NEXT_DAY_AGENDA]] {next_day_agenda}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[TOMORROW_DATE]] {tomorrow_date}
    wp search-replace --all-tables [[CART_INFO]] {cart_info}

    I hope this helps other Bookly users overcome this problem.

  • Avatar
    Lee Johnson

    So far this has been a disaster for me. I have a live site, with live customers. I did the migration and it doesnt retain my add ons, we use locations, recurring appointments, and coupons. Half the stuff is GONE. I try contacting support and its says 2 days return time. I had to restore my site from back up. I need to wait until Bookly works out its bugs and provides professional solutions and professional support. This is my business. What a joke.

  • Avatar
    Rex Wickham

    @lee Yes I'm afraid it's been a disaster for our customer too. Despite the shortcode fix above, the plugin is not loading on the front end at all - looks like it may be a theme conflict but as far as they are concerned it's the final straw and they're moving to another system.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Dear clients, please send us an email to with these inquiries and your purchase codes so we could look into this matter.

  • Avatar
    Minty Hunter

    Disaster here as well. Migrated and then, as Rex noted above, I now get:
    You have new pending booking.

    Service: [[SERVICE_NAME]] with [[STAFF_NAME]]
    Client name: [[CLIENT_NAME]]
    Client phone: [[CLIENT_PHONE]]
    Client email: [[CLIENT_EMAIL]]

    but even if I fix that, then the bookings show it's for zero people and other quirks.

    Reverting to the previous version.

  • Avatar
    Christophe Hollebeke

    The same issue here.
    After update all the bookings are lost!
    My cliënt a veterinarian, was pissed :-(

  • Avatar
    Minty Hunter

    I would absolutely recommend that you know you can roll the site back. It's not just a few things that fell apart for me- all sorts of availability and other issues occurred. I was very grateful to be able to revert my plugins folder and database via JetBackup in Cpanel and get back to a functional booking system again.

    (For some context: I'm used to - and even this morning had to - deal with update issues with plugins, and am fairly confident about tweaking things to get to a solution. This morning involved checking the console to work out that a file for an updated plugin was coming up as a 403, and working out that a setting in iThemes Security was the conflict. But the level of issues with updating Bookly had me staring at rebuilding all the bookings and staff and doing extensive testing. I'm supportive of developers taking the huge step of reconfiguring their plugin to make it more robust, but there are too many issues currently here for me to update...)

    Edited by Minty Hunter
  • Avatar

    This is getting ridiculous now. I spent 24hrs trying to rectify the issues of this Migrator. I purchased new Add-On and just realised I cant use them with old. I need to upgrade to new Pro version to use them and in doing so lost 2 months of my clients data> NOT HAPPY! and you are not quick to respond with roll out fix. Where did the data go? Were they deleted?

    COME ON GUYS!! Sort this out quickly.
    I had to try roll back so many times but still cant recall all information lost. The backup of bookly does not bring back things when I restored AAAHHHHHH!!!!

  • Avatar

    Dear clients, please send us an email to with these inquiries and your purchase codes so we could look into this matter.

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