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How to update Bookly using FTP

We recommend updating Bookly to the latest version from the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard. But if you use FTP to transfer files, follow the instruction below:

  1. Deactivate Bookly in Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel;
  2. Download the files of new Bookly and Bookly Pro add-on on your server into the folders wp-content/plugins/bookly and wp-content/plugins/bookly-addon-pro;
  3. Delete the files of old Bookly wp-content/plugins/appointment-booking from your server;
  4. Activate Bookly plugin and Bookly Pro add-on in Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel.

Bookly version 15.2 includes the migrator, which is designed to help with the migration process to the new Bookly 16.0, which has the new architecture.


Important: Even though we test our code thoroughly (automatically and manually) before any update, we cannot guarantee that there won’t occur any issues in your installation due to the work of other plugins. According to the rules of Envato marketplace, you need to have a valid support pack to receive an item support. If you haven’t updated Bookly for a long time, before downloading the latest version, we recommend checking your support period for Bookly Pro and extending it if necessary. This will help us to deliver a prompt support for you and a quick fix as soon as possible.

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