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I am unable to edit my Appearance section, it is greyed out. How can I fix it?

To resolve this issue, please do the following:

1. Install and activate Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin from the WordPress repository.

2. Navigate to Custom CSS & JS on the left sidebar menu and add the following CSS code to the admin panel style:

.bookly_page_bookly-appearance .modal-backdrop {
display: none;

body.bookly_page_bookly-appearance {     
 overflow: visible!important;



Also, this issue may occur if the option Appearance > Details > Show Facebook login button is enabled but the Facebook App ID isn’t set in the Bookly Settings.

To solve this issue, try to set the new Facebook App ID.

If you don’t have any Facebook App ID, set there '0' and disable this option – Appearance > Details > Show Facebook login button.



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