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Bookly Invoices

Bookly Invoices add-on allows you to generate detailed invoices for provided services and send them automatically when appointments are booked, approved, or received.

You can create and send fully customizable invoices to your clients by email, or include links in your SMS notifications. All sent invoices are available for viewing, filtering and downloading in PDF format in Bookly Payments reports.

Get the Bookly Invoices add-on here and let your customers pay for the orders quickly and easily.


1. Purchase, download and activate Invoices add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Invoices. In the Invoice due days field, specify the number of days to submit a payment.

Please note that “Make address field mandatory” in Settings > Customers and “Show address field” in Appearance > Details tab will be activated automatically in order to get the client address during the booking.


Customize your invoice template

The appearance of your invoice is fully-customizable to align with your business style and branding.

In Bookly menu > Settings > Invoice template, you can upload images for document header/footer and change the wording of each underlined text. Click Preview to see the result.

Click Save to save changes.


Invoice generation

All invoices will be generated automatically based on the appointment and payment details. Invoices will be attached to the selected notifications as PDF documents.

You can choose when to send a payment request to the customer:

  • the moment a new booking is made;
  • when the status of the booking has been changed (for example, to 'approved');
  • after the appointment in a follow-up message to the customer (type – appointment reminder);

To do this, go to Bookly menu > Email Notifications and tick the box Attach invoice in the relevant notification template(s).


You can also include an invoice link in your SMS notifications. Go to Bookly menu > SMS Notifications and insert {invoice_link} code into your text message template(s).

View and download invoices in Payment reports

You can view invoices history in Bookly menu > Payments. When you click on Invoice button on the right, the selected Invoice will be downloaded as PDF document and can be manually resent to the customer if necessary.


Click on Download Invoices button to download a zip file with all invoices.

Bookly Invoices Add-on is available for purchase here. 

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Invoices add-on works.


If you wish you can join a community of translators who help us in Bookly localization. Join translation of Bookly and help us become closer and speak with you in your native language. Read more here.



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