Bookly improvements for Special Day add-on users


I am working a lot with the Special Days add-on. I encountered the following issue: when creating a staff member, his schedule automatically matches the opening hours of the company which is a good behavior for most structures but the company I work for does not work with set hours. This is why I use the Special Days add-on. It is quite annoying for the clinic manager to have to disable all days in the Schedule tab every time he creates a new staff member. Could there be a dropdown in the general settings such as:

On staff creation: 

Option 1: Schedule is created blank

Option 2: Schedule is matched to the company's opening hours

The other improvement that would make my client's life easier would be if there was an option in the general settings to hide the "Schedule" tab and only have the "Special Days" tab (and in that case change its title to "Schedule").

Thank you in advance


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