Our group needs to urgently implement, the option that weekends, holidays or special hours services can be increased in price. That is to say to be able to put different prices according to the day and hour.

It would be ideal for hours outside normal hours or on weekends or holidays. Mainly for increases, but it could be the case to lower prices on specific days.

Also you should give the option to do it via percentage.

Come on in. Please give him a stick.


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    Support Team Official comment

    You can vote for this request: https://ideas.booking-wp-plugin.com/public/ideas/10765 and if it gets enough votes, it might be implemented in the future release.

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    Samuelmoreno Gestion

    Come on in. Please give him a stick.

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    Need this option too.

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    Brad Ralph

    Weekend surcharges are super common in some industries. I can't believe it is not an option.  

    Also up vote for Samuelmoreno Gestion's suggestion for discounted pricing during promotional periods.

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    Nick Friedman

    This feature needs to be added as many companies charge different rates based on either days of the week or weekend days.

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