Possibility to set customer status to 'Preferred' or 'Regular'. Any appointments booked by 'Preferred' clients will be automatically approved even if the "Pending" status is set as default appointment status.


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    We've added this functionality with the Customer Groups add-on.

    Read more about sharing similar settings between several customers here.

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    Sigurður Erlingsson

    This is a great feture,  Also that Preferred or Member can have special discount and he could book  4 weeks infront of time (adustable) but Regular only one week.  I have a case with golf simulators and they have Membership program. One of the benefits to be a member is that you have special price and can book two weeks in advance, non Members only one week.

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    We have regular clients who pay us a monthly fee to use our services and we need this please. We need a membership type of pricing system, where services can be booked subject to a membership type.

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