1. Now on all the pages where are bookly forms placed there is cache disabling by the DONOTCACHEPAGE directive. It set in the file "Common.php"

The question is if it is really necessary to turn off the cache? Juts imagine that web page built on Visual Composer or other similar engine, and php code parse gets 10+ seconds...

Why not just put on page ajax loader script hooked by the $(document).ready() and load the page from cache?

2. In case there are two or more bookly forms on one web page - there loading some js code twice.  Like here 

Are there any way to optimize it and/ or load it as defer / async?


Now server response time is very important as for the search engines also as for user experience. Mobile acceleration going step by step, webs without acceleration lose positions in the search, and those points you will do for sure just to keep your customers. Hope it will heppened soon. ;)


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    Support Team

    Hi, thanks for the details!

    I'll pass this information to our dev team.

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    Thida Binder

    Hi this is a very important issue - please deliver a solutionto speed up the booking process - this is not only a server configuration thing.

    Thank you!

    ... so already in November submitted - is there an answer available??


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    Euro Segway

    As I see also for the slow-down unfortunately working WPML together with bookly. Just caching could sole this issue :( 

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    Mathieu Laflamme

    Where are you with this? Any news? 

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