Transactional emails are important for business. Make them look beautiful, as a  nice and easy-to-use bookly email customizer plugin. The plugin would offer great new email settings to customize all bookly emails and make them responsive.

  • Custom font, color and size
  • Custom text
  • Custom banners
  • Email Attachments


Something like this one: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pretty-emails/9005845?


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    Shkai Tmyueas

    I have a woocommerce store on my website and Bookly. Having this ability to customize the Bookly emails and have them able to match the emails I build within woocommerce will make the whole website and business professional. This needs to become a thing. The link above in broken however take this image for example. There's other woocommerce email plugin out there to use as examples. 

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