Welcome to the Feature Requests section in our Community. Here you can make suggestions about what you'd like to see in the future, and hear what we're thinking about.

Take a moment to search before you post

If you have a suggestion, please look through the existing posts to see if the suggestion has already been made. There's a good chance we're already talking about the idea, or another customer has made the same suggestion.

Vote for suggestions you like

The votes do matter. So if you see a suggestion that would help improve your usage of Bookly, take time to vote for it. 

Provide details in your comment or post

If you find a post that matches your idea, add a comment with details about your situation. If you don't find a post that matches your idea, go ahead and create your own.

When commenting or posting, please consider these questions so we can get a better idea of the problem you're facing:

  • What is the issue you’re struggling with? What’s the roadblock that’s making it difficult to do what you need to do? What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Where in your workflow do you encounter this issue?
  • Is this something that impacts just you, your whole team, or your customers?

It's much easier for us to address a suggestion if we clearly understand the context of the issue, the problem, and why it matters to you. 

Rest assured we will read your post

We read all of the feedback that comes through this forum. We take feedback seriously and we believe it’s a vital part of making our product better.

There are also situations where we aren't ready to share what we're up to or it's not reasonable for us to give specifics. While we are as up front as we can be, our roadmap is full of projects and we generally don’t provide timelines for new features or changes. If we do provide a timeline, know that it is subject to change.

Thank you for reading this and for understanding how we address suggestions. We value all feedback and we're happy to have a place to engage in these conversations.


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