For instance, service A is only available on Monday, and service B is only available on Tuesday, etc


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    Nadine Official comment

    Hi, thank you all for the insights into your processes! With your help, we've implemented this feature as part of the Service Schedule add-on: it lets you determine specific hours during which each service is available.

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    Mark David

    Great idea!

    This kind of ties into the feature request I just submitted here.

    Essentially, you'd be adding the ability to customize the availability of each individual service from a day and time perspective.

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    Grant Cleveland

    Yes I agree this is an important improvement to an otherwise great plugin.

    The use case we have is:

    We have services which run for certain days. Ie. 4-8 July.

    We have staff that will work on multiple services. 

    So we need to be able to set dates for when each service is available for independently of the staff.

    Related to this, it is currently very difficult for staff to set their availability / schedule. They have to potentially click almost all the working days in a year one at a time. It would be great to have this made a bit more user friendly.





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    Mike Meriano

    I agree as well - we have services that kick-in at a certain day and time for what are typically 'slow' periods of the day and on Sundays for example.

    I think you'll really be delighting customers with this option.

    Cheers ...Mike

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    Matthew Harris

    FYI I agree this should be implemented but when I raised it with the author they provided the following work around:

    You have to make multiple accounts for the same staff member and only make them available at certain times.

    For example my client wanted to offer a daytime, evening and weekend service.

    For each of the two engineers I have three accounts. The daytime staff is only available during the daytime, weekend staff only has weekend hours, etc. 

    This isn't very scalable for a lot of employees but it will get you up and running right now with the plugin as-is.

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    Sander Datema

    This workaround also won't work for the case where you only need a few days of availability: you'd need to block 355 days in the calendar just to keep that single day available.

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    I have a service thats only available in the school holidays. I need to be able to set ONLY those days as available for that specific service.

    All my other services are still available

    And occasionally I nee tos et some dates as unavailable due to iunforseen circumstances

    'What do i do?



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