We have been using Bookly and it's AMAZING!

However, we have the following question:

* We have a hot air balloon service where clients schedule the service.

* The service "Balloon Ride" can handle 8 people at the same time (already set it up in Bookly's configuration).

* The price per person is $50. However, when clients choose the service for more than one person, the price does NOT mutliply by the number of people (example: $50 x number of people = total price). It stays at $50 for any amount of people riding.

Is there any configuration we are missing?

Thanks a LOT.


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    Product Team

    Hi Pablo, please check if you are using the correct codes in the booking form and email notifications. This code should be added to the form and email templates, that will display the final price: {total_price}.

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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for the fast response! You are right! We were using the incorrect code.

    Thanks again.


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