I have set the following:

Service duration as slot length - enabled

I have some services that are different lengths.

Sometimes I have to manually enter appointments as not everyone uses the booking form.

So if the times are 1 hour 10 mins each e.g. 1pm, 2,10pm and 3.20pm. if I add in a person for 1.45pm to 2.55 - the next appointment is not available per the booking sheet until 3.20pm even though I could take someone at 3pm. Is there any way to fix this as it's leaving massive gaps in my day. Thanks

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    Support Team

    Hi, this behavior occurs because it's related to how the time slot length logic division works. In case the "service duration as slot length" setting is enabled, it will divide all the available time slot according to the duration of the service that's chose on the front-end. So, if you choose an 1 hour service, you should have one hour time slots for whole day. Though, if you added a 30 minute service in the back-end, for example for 13:00 - 13:30 -> then the 13:00 -14:00 time slot won't be displayed, because the time window to book an hour service is smaller than the duration of the service that you want to book.

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