I have a client who has two locations that offer a variety of Craft Classes and are considering Bookly for people to reserve spots in the classes. I am wondering if anyone on the forum is using Bookly for a Class registration type use and would be willing to share how you use the system to accommodate this.
In specific here is what I am trying to work out.

  • Client has two locations (I can see where this could be two staff members).
  • Classes are offered on different days of the week for short durations (2 hours one day a week for six weeks)
  • Offerings are different for each location.
  • I want to be able to have a potential customer, pick a class, pick a location, pick a date/time and then book and pay for their class.

Any help is appreciated on how to use the system for this purpose.



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    Thank you for your message.

    I advise you to check our Locations add-on: https://codecanyon.net/item/bookly-locations-addon/17328208

    Each of your staff members can be connected to a specific location: for example staff member A works in New York http://prntscr.com/omdscj and Staff member B works in Berlin http://prntscr.com/omdsth

    As services are connected to staff members, when your customer selects New York in location field, the system will display only those service, which are presented by staff member A.

    Besides, each of your staff members can be connected to several locations and you can set up the working hours for each location.

    I advise you to generate your personal demo version which includes almost all additional add-ons to see if Bookly suits your requirements: https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/


    Let me know if you have any other questions. 



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    Thanks Katie.

    Yes I saw that add-on as well as the Special Event add-on which would seem to make blocking out a class type format easier. Here is the scenario I am trying to figure out:

    1. Client offers a variety of Craft Classes
    2. Classes are held in two different locations
    3. Classes are generally once a week and are about 90 minutes in length
    4. Classes generally hold about 12-20 people.
    5. Clients wants to be able to have customers book their class appointments online. (currently using Woo Commerce to accomplish all this)

    Here is the scenario:

    1. Let’s say Class 1 is offered every Monday from 1pm to 3pm at Location 1 and 3pm to 5pm at location 2.
    2. Class 2 is offered every Monday from 4pm to 6pm at Location 1 and 6pm to 7pm at location 2.
    3. I can set up a service to represent a class being offered.
    4. I can set duration as 2 hours with and hour padding after.
    5. I can setup staff as the two locations (as these are classes and the instructors vary, I do not need to setup individual people as staff)

    Here is my question:

    1. How do I block staff time so that someone wanting to book Class 1 at Location 1 does not book during the Class 2 time of 4pm to 6:00pm? (and any conflicting variation of that issue?)
    2. It seems in blocking time for a staff in this scenario I have to manually block out all other times as not available, which is much more cumbersome than just blocking time available? It seems the special day booking add-on might make this a bit easier, but not by much. Is there something I am not seeing to set availability times?
    3. As these classes are one-off classes that are offered for a few months at a time on the same day and time, is there a recurring parameter that can bet to make scheduling easier?

    I hope this makes sense and any real world use ideas you have are appreciated. Client has been using WooCommerce to accomplish this as they were selling product, but now they have moved to just offering classes so I am hoping this would be more appropriate.

    Thanks in advance,



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