Dear Staff,

during the configuration of the email notifications, I can only set recipients to: administrators, staff, clients.

We have 3 administrators for the website, one is the technician, and two administrative who change the contents and update pages and stuff. No-one of these should receive the booking emails, i need to send the email to another address.

I thought to add an user with the correct email, but if i set it as an administrator, the email of the notifications will be sent to everybody.

How I can manage this?


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    Hi, Marco

    Thank you for your message.

    Email notifications to administrators will be sent to emails that are written in profiles of your WP users with administrator rights: http://prntscr.com/p0wuvv

    If you don't want notifications to be sent to these emails, you can enable email forwarding from these ones to the email you need.

    Best regards,
    Bookly Customer Support

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    Dario Dulovic

    This is not a big help. I have 6 administrators for my website and I need just one to receive the email, bot everyone. I should be able to choose who will receive the email notifications. Why is that so complicated.

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    Jesse Messenger

    I just don't see why Bookly in all its glory can't add a field in the notification settings to set a custom email recipient. I have clients who are not "administrators" of the site but still manage content with a different User Role and need booking notifications. Forwarding outside of Bookly is unreliable and just kinda lame.

    If Bookly is only going to stick with User Role-based notifications, why not hook into the actual roles on the site and display them all. I'm literally struggling to inform my client of the same. Just a bad look.

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