Recently, I have some clients booked my services which require deposits, and I can only see their info on my Google Calendar. Neither confirmation email have been sent to client nor notification to staff member a about a new approved appointments have been received. The only time I know is when I check my Google Calendar and my PayPal account to verify if deposits has been made.

When I search their name in Bookly > Appointments, nothings showed up. I use PayPal checkout payment gateway, and it redirect my client to PayPal's site to make deposit. Was it possible that my client decided not to pay for the deposit when they were redirected to PayPal, or PayPal payment hasn't been approved? In either of these cases, does Bookly still block off my Google Calendar for the time that they booked?

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    Hi Sang, 

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    We have received your email and have responded accordingly. Please check your inbox or spam folder. 

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