I have a question regarding sites and the availability to move the plugin.   I have a client that is looking for a calendar program and Bookly Pro would do the job.  I need to demo it to him before he will agree to us doing the work.  I use a demo site for client approval.  Once approved, I would need to be able to move the plugin to his site. 

Is is available to register it then later remove it from the demo site and install it on the client site, or would I need to buy a second copy and/or multisite plugin?



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    Hi, Ken

    You can transfer your Bookly license by first – removing the purchase code of the license from your current domain (you need to log in to your Bookly backend, Settings> Purchase Code) 
    And then entering the purchase code into the Bookly backend of the domain where you want the license to be transferred.

    Or you can contact us and we'll help you to transfer your license.

    Best regards,
    Bookly team

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    Ken Scherer

    Great.  Thank you so much!

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