my appointments have all gone missing from appointment section of bookly pro, and also been removed from my calendar for some reason, which has now resluted in customers double booking time slots?? require help 


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    Hi Bal

    One of our agents has replied to you in the ticket #120771. Please check your inbox and respond to get it resolved as quick as possible.


    Thank you.

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    I have the same issue - random appointments completely disappearing from Bookly's records (and therefore google calendar. It doesn't happen all the time and I can't figure out any connection to those that are disappearing.

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    Hi Jim I haven't had the issue for some while now.. However the only thing I could put it down to at the time was that I had not updated the bookly purchase code for each plugin on the purchase codes section, and maybe that's why it was happening. However since then these codes have been input and fingers crossed not had the issue again

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    Hello Jim,


    Thank you for your message.


    Please, send us an email  to support@bookly.info with your purchase code and admin panel access so we can check this matter.


    Will be waiting for your reply.

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