Hi there,

My business partner and I are opening a day spa within a few months. We are taking a look at different booking system options, and we were wondering if Bookly offers some cart abandonment options. I couldn't find anything in your documentation, and it seems that Bookly cart addon doesn't integrate with WooCommerce either.


If I have people going all the way through the booking process but decide to not book at the last minute, I would like to have the ability to reach out to them, give them a promo code/coupon to motivate them to finalize their booking perhaps...


In other words, if the client abandons the booking form at a specific step during the booking process, do you have a way to capture any of their information at all (First name, Time/Date of booking, type of services wanted). I would like to create a drip campaign for cart abandonment and incentive the people who abandon the form to come back and finalize their booking.


Also, does Bookly integrates services available with Klaviyo/ActiveCampaign/Mailchimp. We would like to integrate timeslots available in our email marketing.


Thank you very much for your help!


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    Hi Damien,

    Apologize for the late reply - we had some technical issues with the notifications about new questions/comments.
    Currently, I'm afraid that none of the functionality you've described is supported

    Please add these details as a new record to our suggestion board: https://ideas.booking-wp-plugin.com/    
    Here where we track requests for new capabilities, and our product development depends directly on the number of votes each request receives.

    Bookly Customer Support

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    Damien Zouaoui

    Hi Olya,


    Thank you very much for your message! 


    Hopefully you guys will come up with this feature in the near future.


    Thank you


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    Kevin Ivers

    What a GREAT IDEA!

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    This would be great. I vote for this.

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