Hi Team,

if I enter booking information again and I will book an appointment a message box pops up:

“ These dates are already in use“

There are two options: cancel and update.

the cancel button is visible - the update button is NOT visible - but present - if I click the empty space left besides „cancel“ the „update“ is working. There must the button being located because on the rigth side the window ends.

Any chance to fix this or to change the color of the buttons with cutom CSS?

Thanks for any hint.




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    Ralf Korell

    Hi Team,
    this behavior is resolved by bookly support team.
    It seems that this is an issue of used theme.

    A bookly support member has added some custom CSS to the bookly plugin which changes color of the button.

    This worked welll for me.

    Thanks to the support team.

    Good job!


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