Hi Team,

Quick question:
I‘ve searched and searched but not found:  

The message which is displayed after a successful booking appears on the same page as the booking form.
The message is „Danke! Ihre Reservierung ist abgeschlossen. Eine E-Mail mit den Details Ihrer Buchung wird Ihnen nach der Bestätigung Ihres Terminwunsches übermittelt.“

This translates may to „ Thanks, Your reservation is completed. An Email with details of your booking will be send to you after confirmation of your desired date“   ...

This is - in my context - not the rigth wording.

Where can I adjust this confirmation message?

Any hint highly appreciated.

Warm regards and a nice weekend to all of you.



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    Ralf Korell

    HI Everyone,

    this is resolved, too.
    Kate from support team gave me the hint: This can be don in the appearance setting - 5. section "done" ...

    Thanks, Kate!




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