I am building a site that uses Bookly to create on-to-one meetings as part of an online conference.

I need to perform custom actions on the front-end, such as:

 - Listing Staff Members with the same availability as a Customer (and what times those availabilities are)
 - Having an auto-schedule button that creates a calendar event without having to fill in the form

I can't find any documentation about PHP hooks/actions/functions etc that I can use to do such things. Does that exist in any capacity?
If not, how can I go about doing the above?


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    Hamilton Bonat Junior

    Hi Nathan
    I would like to know about it too. Just following this post.

    Add this idea at https://ideas.booking-wp-plugin.com/ ;-)

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    Felipe Moreira

    Plugin Bookly api read rest for wpintegrate.

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