I purchased this plugin nearly a year ago, and it includes the Google Calendar integration (before it was separated out). It worked as-expected, and we also purchased the multisite and services add-ons.

I just ran the upgrade to the full plugin, and I no longer have any available timeslots showing on my staff calendars on the front end of the website, so no one can book an appointment. My settings appear correct/have not changed in months. I read some recent reviews and feedback from the developers, and went into my Developer Console and renewed the OAuth credentials, and also tried disconnecting/reconnecting one of the staff members' calendars, but still no luck.

However, when I go into Appointments and add one manually, it shows up on Google Calendar. So there's syncing taking place somewhere, but at the moment no one can book from the front end of the website. Am I missing something? I know the plugin authors recently refactored the plugin so Google Calendar sync is no longer included by default, but in my research it sounded like those who previously purchased the plugin would still have access to that feature. Do I have that right? Any insight and help is appreciated!


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    Mary Libbey

    Update: I noticed that the Service Schedule Add-on needed an upgrade as well. There's no option to update within the dashboard so I downloaded the latest version in CodeCanyon and manually updated the plugin from 1.5 to 1.8. I'm now able to see available timeslots again.

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    Support Team

    Hi Mary,

    The google calendar synchronization is available with the current and also old licenses. Not sure why you encountered this problem. Please send us email to support@ladela.com with this inquiry and your purchase code.

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