When I purchased Bookly Pro, I didn't realize that there was a separate and necessary addon for multisite networks. I downloaded Bookly Pro and installed it through my network admin panel, then activated it through the admin panel for the site that it was to be used on. I did not Network Activate the addon. I was able to enter the purchase code in the Bookly Settings on the specific site. Again, this was not done in the network panel. Everything worked, except, of course, cron. That's when I learned that I needed the multisite addon. I purchased the addon, installed it in the network panel and now it showed that Bookly Pro is active on specific site, but that the purchase code is missing. I've tried to enter the code through Multisite>Network, but when I click Purchase Code for the site that I want to use Bookly on, all I see is:

"Upon providing the purchase code you will have access to free updates of Bookly. The updates may contain functionality improvements and important security fixes. For more information on where to find your purchase code see this page."

With only the option to Save or Cancel. There's no place to enter the purchase code. If I deactivate Bookly and Bookly Pro in the specific site then network activate Bookly and Bookly Pro, when I click Purchase Code for the site in the Multisite>Network page in the Network Admin Panel, I can enter the Purchase Code. But when I click the Save button, it takes me to a blank screen with no confirmation or anything and when I go back to Multisite>Network, it still says that the code is missing. If I try to enter the Purchase Code in the Bookly Settings on the specific site, it tells me that the code is already in use, but the site that it says is using it is the URL for the my main network site.

I'm still able to use Bookly and Bookly Pro as if they were registered, but I want this to work right. How can I fix it?


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