a couple days ago I wrote you a pre-sale question to ask support to set up in my Bookly Sandbox a Bookly form in a similar way to this official demo:

Please take into consideration that I need to use Group bookings and, possibly, also the Extra add-ons (please consider that Extras don't affect the duration of the service).

The service interested has a cap on the number of participants, therefore dates/times combinations where there's not room anymore shouldn't be shown in the calendar (or, better, showed but striked/not selectable).

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards


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    Thanks for reaching out. 

    If the Extras don't affect the duration of the service, then in the "Bookly > Settings > Service Extras" section, the 'After Time step (Extras duration settings will be ignored' should be selected. 

    Please note that Bookly is designed to work with a weekly schedule of your staff member and takes this into account when rendering available time slots in the front-end/booking, you would need to set up the staff member's schedule then this schedule will be repeated for the following weeks. So the availability offered in the front-end booking form is based on the schedule of the staff member.

    Therefore, if all staff members have booked at capacity, then there'll be no timeslots offered in the front-end booking form anymore. Otherwise, if the 'Show blocked timeslots' in the "Bookly > Appearance > Time" section is checked, then the front-end booking form will show the timeslots that have booked greyed and striked out but not selectable anymore. 

    Many thanks! 

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