When I set up business hour and vacation days on website home page, every time I had to remember to change them also on bookly settings.

How could I access to this information store in bookly settings? So I can do it once, set up on bookly settings and use on other website pages.




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    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Please note that Bookly is designed to work with a weekly schedule of your staff member and takes this into account when rendering available time slots in the front-end/booking, you would need to set up the staff member's schedule then this schedule will be repeated for the following weeks. So the availability offered in the front-end booking form is based on the schedule of the staff member.


    Hence, you would need to update the staff members' schedules in the "Staff Members" section in Bookly to reflect the desired business hour and vacation days. 


    Please let me know if I'm off-base or if you have additional questions. 


    Many thanks! 

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    Mirko Mantellato

    Hi Richel,

    thanks for answering, maybe my request wasn't clear. I explain better.

    I would to update time schedule (business hours and vacations day) once in website backend. Now I update this information both in Bookly pluing and in the restaurant's info page. 

    Sometimes I forgot to update both so in the bookly form the time slots are correct but not in the restaurant's info page or viceversa.

    Is any API, function that I could use on the WP Them to print these information on another place outside the bookly form? Something that is not directly fetch the DB table.





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