I have a couple questions if its possible with Bookly pro, if yes i will buy the pro version.

I'm working on a rental service of bikes. The service is just "Renting a bike". We have multiple bikes. Lets say Bike-A Bike-B and Bike-C.

I wanna make it possible to let [customer-1] rent [Bike-A] meanwhile [customer-2] is renting [Bike-C] on the same time stamp. But you will not be able to rent Bike-A twice at the same time stamp. Is that possible? 1 bike can't get rented out to 2 different customers at the same time ofcourse, but 2 different customers need to be able to rent a DIFFERENT bike at the same time. 




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    Hi Koby, 

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    Please note that Bookly is designed to work with a weekly schedule. After you set up the staff member's schedule, this schedule will be repeated for the following weeks. Please note that the system takes into account the staff member's schedule when rendering available time slots in the front-end/booking. So the availability offered in the booking form is based on the schedule of the staff member. Whereas the interval of the slots offered is regulated with the time slot length as this is the basis of how the hours are divided and presented in the booking form.

    The Add-ons are intended to help give more flexibility to achieve desired features.

    What you can do is make each bike a placeholder staff member so that, for example, when Staff member Bike-A is booked at 9am, it is no longer available but only the rest of the bikes that aren't booked yet. 

    Please check our demos, or try the sandbox on a live website before making the purchase, of the plugins and all add-ons to get a better understanding of how Bookly works and be able to discern if Bookly fits your business needs. To access the sandbox mode, please go to https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/ and add your email address and click on the "Configure" button then follow the rest of the steps that you'll receive on your mail.

    And, if interested, you can find more features and add-ons at https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/features/.

    Many thanks. 

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