Hi there, 

I updated the WordPress core to the newest version (my mistake, I know, sorry), and unfortunately bookly appointments section, when loaded, there is a "processing" text in the middle of the list. Furthermore, when I try to edit an appointment from that list, the appointment isn't loaded and the "processing..." text is still visible (and nothing happens). 

Find attached a screenshot.


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    Oriol Palau

    WordPress newest version means v5.6. Bookly v15.2.

    Besides, I've just realized now, I can't edit the services. If I click on the service to edit it, nothing happens in spite of the URL changed to ...#service_XX.

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    Oriol Palau

    Well, I see, I've been investigating and the problem was I didn't update the version of the plugin. I was running Bookly (old paid version) version instead of the new Bookly Pro version.

    You can close the ticket.


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