Hello, I am looking at Bookly and have a few questions in terms of functionality.

We are looking to use this to book conference rooms that we have available. We don't need staff to be assigned to the rooms since they are just rooms being utilized for meetings. So we would like to have one staff created only, and that single staff to be able to "manage" all rooms. So if someone wants to book Room 1 at 3PM and Room 2 at 3PM, both should be accommodated. Is there a way to do that?

We're finding that perhaps this isn't possible? Do we need to create fake staff members and assign them to each room?

The other issue in question is regarding the function of the "Special Days" addon. Sometimes we will have staff meetings or days that we are not able to accommodate conference room rentals. So these would be special hours that fall within our regular business hours. It seems that the only way to do this is to use the Special Days addon, but this would also mean that we would need to set the special days for each "staff" member created. Is there no way to do this so it affects ALL staff? We previously considered Amelia and they offered an "Events" function where all of your staff could be assigned to and then their availability would be adjusted that way - instead of the need to adjust each one individually. Please advise, thank you.

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    Hi Joy,

    1) As Bookly is designed to work with the staff members' availability, you will need to create for each room one staff member, to represent the room's availability.

    2) Currently, you will need to adjust separately each staff schedule for this inquiry. If it happens on the same day and time on a weekly, you could just add it in the usual schedule, to avoid fiddling with it every time.


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