Hello, I have a question about this. We have set hours, but during school breaks we will offer extended hours.

Our business hours are currently set from 4-8PM, the staff follows the same hours. If we extend the hours from 12-8PM, do we need to update BOTH the business hours AND the staff hours? It would make sense to need to just make one adjustment. I was thinking we could just set the staff hours to 12-8PM so appointment times can be accommodated when we are within regular hours and extended hours. BUT, when I do this, even with the business hours set from 4-8PM, appointments become available from 12PM. It's very confusing as to why a staff member would be available for any appointments that are beyond the business hours that are set. Can you please explain this logic? Thank you.

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    Thank you for your message.

    Individually set working hours for every staff member will always override general working hours set in the Bookly Settings. So, when Bookly offers available timeslots, it takes into account only staff members' schedules, not the company business hours. 

    If you want to change the schedule for a particular period of time or for just some special days in the year, you will need Bookly Special Days (Add-on) https://codecanyon.net/item/bookly-special-days-addon/18611122?ref=ladela

    With Bookly Special Days (Add-on) you will be able to change the regular schedule of the staff on particular days during the year, making them extra short or long depending on the situation.

    Please check our demos https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo/special-days/ or try the sandbox on a live website to get a better understanding of how Bookly Special Days (Add-on) works, please go to https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/ and add your email address and click on the "Configure" button then follow the rest of the steps that you'll receive on your mail.

    Please reply to my email with Ticket #146142 if further assistance is needed. 

    Many thanks! 

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