Hello, bookly is awesome!
Before i'm asking some question, i'd like to let you know about our business process.
Our business model is to let people to pay first in advance for 2 kind of package, 1st is the 4 session meeting and the 2nd is the 8 session meeting. Both of this has only 30 days of life time. If they already passed the time and not using all of the meeting ticket, the ticket will be gone.

So, due to this business process, i have some questions:
1. If i already running a membership site that pay in advance, can we manage the book without payment anymore? Or can we manage this payment through the bookly but using woocommerce since our payment gateway is on the woocommerce?

2. Do we have anything like user credit/ wallet? So it'll limit a user to can only book using his current credit (4x session and 8x session) in a month.

3. If we're already running a site that let user login, do they need to login again in bookly? Can we integrate bookly with our current wordpress user?

4. This question is linked to the 3rd question, if they already login, are they still need to fill the personal information again? Our goal is to make our user doing the booking very easy without to much clicking here and there.

5. Can we set a limit time to make a reschedule? So if they want to reschedule 15 minute before the meeting started, they can't do it. They can only reschedule as long as they're not reaching the limit time.

6. Can we set a limited time for future booking?
We want our user to only make a future booking for a 30 days upfront. They can't book far more than that.

Thank you!


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