Have been using Bookly Pro for some number of months. Added Bookly Group Booking last week in order to allow people to more easily grab both available slots at a particular time.

As of today (and perhaps before), we're having intermittent problems with the dates loading on the page. For a non-trivial number of people (but not everyone), the circle just spins and spins, no matter how long you allow it to try and load.

There's not a clear pattern on what sort of device this happens on, but it seems like Android devices are more likely than others. Explorer seems to work. Sometimes Safari does and sometimes it doesn't.

It isn't location/internet related, as I'm able to connect on MacOS Safari, but not on MacOS FireFox.

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    Hi Brian,

    This problem is already solved, though as it may help others I'll still post the solution. The problem was related to caching and the solution was - to exclude from caching the page where the booking form is located.

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