I really need some help.

I have two staff members. When both staff members are set to be available our customers can book two appointments at a time. But now we want to set up some special times. For some hours only one appointment should be bookable and the staff member should be chosen by our customers. So the other one is free to do something else and can't be booked.

Can we do that? Is it possible to specify how many appointsments should be available on certain days or hours (time slots) of a week without deactivating one of the staff members?



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    Axel Schweiss

    This is a pre sales question. I have no valid purchase code to show. 

    I would like to specify my question again: Is it possible to set a maximum occupancy rate for individual time slots in Bookly?

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    Hi Axel,

    This functionality is not available at the moment. Though, as a workaround I advise to check the Compound Services Add-on. You can use this add-on to create services that are provided by two (or multiple) staff members, create a compound service and once the service will be booked both staff members will no longer be available for booking.

    You can use the Service Schedule Add-on to set up a schedule for services.

    It's possible to set how many times one customer can book one service, though there's no option to set a global restriction how many times one time slot can be booked.



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