Hi all,

So currently using bookly pro and setting up for a reservation system for a restaurant and they have two major categories, Restaurant and Shisha, so depending what the user chooses they will see Birthday, Anniversary and Dinner, however if the drop down stays blank on "choose below" all the services show up twice, please see below

Restaurant - Fine


Shisha - Fine


Problem here - everything showing twice if nothing chosen


Is there a way to hide when nothing chosen? Do I need to setup the configuration differently ? Any help please would be appreciated

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    You have two options:

    1) in case you want to keep only one booking form, you could rename all services so that the name includes either Restaurant or Shisha (for example Shisha Birthday, Restaurant Birthday and so on).

    2) You could create two booking forms that will have a default category (one for each other) and hide the category field, so customers will see options only the restaurant or shisha. You can set a default category and hide the category field, by updating the shortcode of the booking form in the page editing mode.



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