I have installed the Cart Add-on and when a customer is booking, it displays a nice table of bookings. Then the customer goes to the "Details" page and it is an ugly list. I can't bypass this page because we need to collect info here. Is there any easy way to present bookings in a table format like the Cart Add-on does, or do I need to code this myself? I assume coding it would mean embedding this new code into the Details page template. I would fear that this customization would be overwritten during any core update. 

I can create a responsive table on the Details page, but the data in each column are still separated by commas and not organized by row like the Cart Add-on. 

Any ideas from anyone? If I come up with something, I will share here :-)

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    Hi Vince,

    Please add the following text in the Appearance menu for the Details step:

    You have booked

    {#each appointments as appointment}

    {appointment.service_name} by {appointment.staff_name} at {appointment.appointment_time} on {appointment.appointment_date}


    The total price of your booking is {total_price}.

    Please provide your details in the form below to proceed with booking.

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