hi bookly

I have bookly pro and the group add on. now, i think i am missing another add on. 

I have a bike rental business and I made each "staff member" a bike. I have 3 types of bike, so those are "categories". Then I have "services" - 2/5/12hour rentals. 

Now, I added the group booking to allow customers to book multiple bikes at once, so they can book a service 5 times, and I set the maximum capacity of the service equal to the number of bikes I have. My issue now is that it does not take into account that I need to allocate 1 staff per every service. so, if a customer books 5 times the service of a 2 hour rental, then the system needs to assign (and block) 5 staff members to perform this service. 

Could you please help me and let me know if i can solve this issue with the add on of collaborative services? can this assign 1 staff member per person in the group booking? and how do i set that?

thank you!!

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    Hi Anne,

    For your inquiry, I advise to check the Collaborative Services Add-on, it's possible to create services that are provided by multiple staff members at the same time. With this add-on you can create multiple services that will provided by either 2, 3, 4, or more staff members.

    I advise to use the sandbox mode before making the purchase to see if the add-on will fit your needs. To get access to it, please add your email address here and follow the instructions from the email that you'll receive: https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/

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