Is there a way to set up the calender in the backend, so that if I'd choose a staff member and a Service only available appointments will be shown?

If I choose member/service and a day, i can make an appointment at the opening duration of the company – not at the time the staff member or the service is available. e.g. The company opens from 8 to 6, the bookable service is from 1 to 3 (It would be nice, if this will be marked in the calender), staff member A is only available mondays und staff member B tuesday to friday.

For the administration of the bookings, it would be nice to edit bookings via calendar -> choosing day, staff member and service -> and get a visual feedback where are free appointments. (I hope you understand my queation, my english is not so good)


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    Thank you for your message.

    Not quite sure that understood you correctly. If you choose staff member in Calendar section, the system will display only appointments of the particular staff member, the same for the service option as there are filters which allow you to specify the information: http://joxi.ru/8AnJz6ocyDOXDA

    The same for Appointments section. With the help of different filters, you can find the information of the particular staff member/client/service and etc.: http://joxi.ru/nAy0Yqxiw7E4W2

    Besides, different calendar views display you all open slots: http://joxi.ru/V2VN5BLTkbjNP2

    If you mean that you want to have more clear statistics of the appointments for the specific day, you can check this option in Settings  - Calendar: http://joxi.ru/nAy0Yqxiw7ENW2

    Let me know if I understood you correctly.



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    Hello Kate,

    you unstood everything right an thnak xou very much for your help


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