Hi guys,

I'm new here and hoping someone may be able to help me with an issue I'm having.

I'm new to Bookly, and am having some difficulty setting it up for my business, which is a gym.  We require 3 types of bookings (services)

1. PT Sessions - I have this setup, it was quite straight-forward

2. Gym Sessions - I also have this setup, for people to book in to use the gym, new covid regulations in my location

3.  Fitness Classes - This is the part I'm struggling with.

We have a Fitness Class schedule or around 50 classes per week, a full mixture of different classes, Spin, Yoga, BootCamp etc.

Some of our classes are on several times per day, like Spin is on 4 times a day on average.

I have a Category created for Fitness Classes, and then in that Category, I have created a service of each different type of class.

Where I'm running into the first issue, is when the service 'Spin' is selected, I'm not able to make that service available at 4 different time slots on any particular day.  I've installed the addon, Bookly Service Schedule, however this only allows me to create 1 time slot per day for each service.

Does anyone know a work-around that would solve the problem, or maybe a better way of setting up the booking system for Fitness Classes.

Thank-you in advance for any help.




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    Support Team Official comment

    Hello Anthony,

    This is a support request, so we've created a new support ticket via this post. Please expect an answer from one of Bookly agents asap.

    If any assistance needed in the future, please follow the link below to submit a new ticket, because this community forum is for user to user interactions only.


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    Lisa Lucas

    Hi - I'm having the same issue.  I have visitation and it's offered at 3 times per day. People have to sign up for one of the time slots (covid restrictions) but it won't allow me to set it up like that. Please advise if this is possible. I have the special days add-on, the service schedule add-on, and recurring appointments add-on

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    Support Team

    Hi Lisa, the scenario you're describing can be configured using staff or service breaks in the settings.

    Please reach out to us directly via https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with access to your WP admin panel, and one of our agents will assist with the settings.

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