Two part question:  

1. I'm trying to block out windows of time within a given day and there doesn't seem to be anyway to do that, other than creating random appointments fixed to the service types I have.  Is there a way for me, as an example, on a given day to block out a 3 hour window?  I know I can shorten the working hours. 

2. Right now I set up an "Admin" service with the intention that I would use that to administratively block off my time.  With an answer to the 1st part of the question, maybe this won't be necessary, but it bodes the question, is there a way to only show certain services to users and have different ones I use internally? 



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    Support Team

    Hello Dave,

    1. You can do this by adding a custom (fake) appointment in Bookly or Google Calendar (if GC sync enabled). Or, if the time that should be blocked repeats every week, you can add a break in staff schedule.

    2. Yes, if you set the services visibility that you use internally to 'Private'.

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    Support Team

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