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The documentation for Google Calendar has been edited last Friday but the shortcodes changes were not there. Now we only had BLANKS.

I cannot make sense of the only available shortcodes in the Google Calendar event description {#each participants as participant}{/each} and {#each participants as participant delimited by ", "}{/each}. Gone are the simpler basic shortcodes in italics below. And I cannot create a decent event description with the one with [participant.XXXX_XXX}. 

{status} {category_name} {service_name} at {location_name} {location_info}
{#each participants as participant}{/each}
Name: {client_name} {participant.client_name}
Email: {client_email} {participant.client_email}
Phone: {client_phone} {participant.client_phone}
{client_address} {participant.client_address}
Appointment Notes: {appointment_notes} {participant.appointment_notes}

{#each participants as participant delimited by ", "}{/each}
Name: {client_name} {participant.client_name} {#if particpant.client_name}
Email: {client_email} {participant.client_email} {#if participant.client_email}
Phone: {client_phone} {participant.client_phone} {#if participant.client_phone}
{client_address} {participant.client_address} {#if participant.client_address}
Appointment Notes: {appointment_notes} {participant.appointment_notes} {#if participant.appointment_notes}


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    Support Team

    Hi there,

    Starting from Bookly PRO 3.6 you should use {participant.client_email} instead of {client_email} and so on inside the {#each participants as participant}{/each} structure when you configure your GC event description. This was made to better display appointment details in GC for group bookings. The documentation will be updated asap.

    For further support requests, please use this link to submit a ticket https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    This community forum is for general questions and user to user interactions only. We do not check questions on this forum regularly.

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