Hi, I am evaluating the possibility of using Bookly pro combined with the locations module to solve the following booking problem.
The user has 2 locations and alternatively is present in one or the other location with a bi-weekly calendar.
Is it possible to show the times for site A in busy mode, when the user receives at site B and vice versa?
Is it possible to book a Zoom video calls regardless of the venue and therefore occupy the time slot?
What modules do I have to buy to get this? How should they be configured?


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    Support Team

    Hi there,

    1. If your staff works in different locations, you can set custom schedules for staff members for different locations, but this schedule will repeat every week, bi-weekly schedule is not supported yet.

    2. Bookly doesn't allow to occupy the time slot without selecting staff and service, because it is designed to work with the staff/service schedule. You can tick/untick the Make selecting location required in the Appearance section, but if you enable Custom settings for location in Settings > Location, this option will become required automatically.

    For all further configuration questions and assistance with the settings, please use this link: https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    For all pre-sales questions, please contact us at sales@bookly.info. We do not check the questions on this forum regularly, this community forum is for user to user interactions only.

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