Hi, guys:

I have defined my calendar hours from 12:00 Pm to 6:00 PM and went through all settings related to time, but on my live form I get all sorts of weird times: 7:00 AM, etc. Plus, it jumps to other days with no reason: if I have nothing booked, it should give the next day (Friday) not next Monday at 7 AM... which is not my choice, even.

I have to mention that when I go to the staff schedule, the hours listed above are listed correctly, so setting wise it's all good.

Also, I run the free version in preparation for the paid one.

Can you provide any advice on this?

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    Diana Ionescu

    I believe that I have found where is the source of the problem: the setting "Display available time slots in client's time zone" was enabled ad somehow was showing weird times.

    Even if I open the page in a different browser, it will still show me 4 AM time slots like I am in a completely different time zone than I really am.

    How do I make it work?

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