I look through the post and did not find the answer that matches what I am looking for.  I am developing my site right now and before I commit to the paid version of Bookly I am trying things out.  A lot of what I need can be handled in the free version for the start.

Now, I did encounter a problem that I am not sure if its bothering anyone else or not.  When I created the emails to send to both myself to approve an appointment and for a customer to cancel one, the following tags, {approve_appointment_url} and {cancel_appointment_url} do not place the correct information into the email.  It places the link in there, but the https does not contain the : and only the // so the link is invalid.  I have looked through the settings both in the plugin and website and everything so the links to the site as being https:// but those two tag are not putting that correctly into the emails.



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    Support Team

    Hello Chris, we use the native WordPress function admin_url() to create the cancellation or approve link. This function generates a link to your site with 'http://' or 'https://' prefix.

    We checked the reported behavior on our end and everything works without any issues. So your issue requires personalized support which is only available for users who bought Bookly PRO and have active item support subscription.

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    Ok, I will explorer this a little more on my own and see if I can figure anything out, since this is a brand new clean install of WordPress and such.  Like I said, its odd that it created the https//, but does created it as https://.

    I will dig around and maybe run some error/bug reports and see if I can figure it out.  If not, I may be back to buy the pro version along with support.  Thank you.

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