I have created a staging website to make some changes on my website that is using Bookly. When the time comes to deploy the staging website to the live one I do not want to override Bookly tables as the live website is currently running and clients book appointments on it.

I have the option to manually deploy changes made on the staging site to the live. Im assuming I need to exclude all the tables that have "bookly" in their name. Is there any other tables I must not deploy? And if I could get the list of tables I must skip that would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Nicholas,

    You can use the bookly debug page for transferring the bookly data your-site-name/wp-admin/admin.php?page=bookly-debug
    Use Export/Import buttons. Export the data from the source site and import to the destination website. Please make sure that the same version of the bookly plugin is installed on both sites. Please note, that this is a test and undocumented plugin feature, so we do not guarantee 100% correctness of its work. But, as a rule, imports and exports are performed without problems.

    With FTP access please follow these steps:

    1. Copy the same version of the bookly plugin to your new website via FTP
    2. Transfer all database tables with 'wp_bookly_' prefix from the old website to the new website
    3. Transfer all records from the wp_options database table where option_name starting with 'bookly' from the old website to the new website
    4. Activate the bookly on the new website

    For further requests, please use this link to submit a ticket https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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