Adding a button in the payment section to combine several invoices into one invoice would reduce the number of invoices send to the customers.

If a customer books appointments in a cart, there is one payment and one invoice, that's great.

Why not providing this feature if the customer is taking several appointments without using the cart ?



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    Jim Windebank

    Yes, I  invoice customers monthly and therefore only want to send them one invoice not lots. Bookly can you please add this feature? Thanks

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    kate OB

    I have customers who book in several (up to 25 sessions) times a month, and I thought Bookly would help me to create automatic invoices rather than create PDFs through Google Drive each month, however unless this "combined invoice" option is made by Bookly, I will still have to do this. So please, save me 10 hours a month on writing invoices! :) Thank you!

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    Thanks for your responses. I am not alone to ask for this feature ! I have confirmation that it will be released in one of the next release. That's nice.

    I think that it would be very nice in the parameters to be able to set the invoice_date to the date of the first or the last appointment.

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