An option to provide customers different discounts for different services and categories.

For example:

1. Have 5 clients

2. Have 4 categories

3. Have 3 services for each category

4. 2 clients of 5 have bought all-inclusive option for one year in category #1. It means that they should have 100% discount just for service #1 in category #1 and they should have discount 20% for service #2 in category #1 . For service #3 in category #1 they should not have any discounts. So these 2 clients shouldn’t have any discount for other categories #2-5 or services. Others 3 clients should not have any discounts in any category.

5. Also it is possible that these 2 clients can bought all-inclusive option in other categories.

6. Also it will be more suitable if it will be possible to create and manage groups of clients or roles.

7. More flexibility for customizing discounts for clients within categories and services.


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    Mikhail Senin

    Yes. Please. We need it very much.

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    Lara Kreisz

    Another option to solve the problem would be to make it possible to add a customer to more than one customer group. So the customer could be a member of different customer groups..

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