When defining a service it would be great if it is also possible to add the internal costs - and create a report per employee.

Use Case:

One of our clients is a tutoring school. All teachers are paid based on the numbers of hours they teach.

If we would use Bookly for this client it would be necessary to calculate manually how many hours a teacher has teached. Manual beancounting takes about an hour of work per day with the current process - the new solution should eliminate this. Right now it is a showstopper for implementing Bookly.

I mentioned hours here, however since every service lasts for a predefined time this functionality can be tied to an offered service.

I imagine other clients from bookly welcome this feature as well (mainly interesting for everyone who is not only working with fulltime staff - but pay external resources based on the actual work done).

A simple solution would be to include a field "internal costs" in the service menu - and offer the Administrator a small interface to print out the total sum per employee + day.


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